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March 28 2018

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Glasses Versus Contact Lenses

In today's world, many people need some form of correction to their eyesight. This could be due to the increasing use of electronics and the younger generations spending too much time indoors. One study completed showed forty percent of the population has to have some form of corrective vision. The study also showed that kids who spent more time outdoors were less likely to need glasses or contact lenses early in life. When someone does need to correct their vision, how do they go about choosing whether to wear glasses or contact lenses in Australia?

Personal Preference

When most people refer to personal preference about contact lenses or glasses, they are speaking of the comfort or the vanity aspect. Contact lenses sit on the eyeball and may cause some people to have an itchy feeling. Also, because they have to be placed directly on the eye with fingers, they impose more of a risk for an eye infection. Glasses have different looks and can be used as an accessory. They also do not require daily cleaning and maintenance.


Depending on the type and style of glasses, they are often less expensive. This is because they do not have to be replaced as often as contact lenses. With the use of the internet today, Contact Lenses Online are beginning to be more and more affordable. When people buy contact lenses online, they are able to buy them in bulk resulting in a way to get it cheaper online. The manufacturers of contact lenses work with certain websites and companies to allow them to offer a better deal. They allow people to sign up for memberships to receive these special offers with the expectation they will continue to buy online.

Additional Complications

Some medical complications with the eyes do not make it easy for all people to wear contact lenses. A person with dry eye syndrome would not be comfortable in contact lenses. They need to have a healthy tear film to produce the moisture in the eye. If they do not have this, it can cause the eye to scratch and burn. It can also cause corneal scarring and eye infections to occur. Another complication which would cause contact lenses to not be as convenient is Blepharitis. This condition, which is inflammation of the eyelid, can cause a greater risk for eye infections as well because of the bacteria around the eye.

People like to have choices when it comes to their eyesight. Medical professionals can offer advice in regards to the best option available for you. Many websites can also offer more information about glasses and contact lenses and what may be better depending on your situation.

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